Project Nova is a collaboration of two military charities Walking with the Wounded and the Regular Forces Employment Association.

Project Nova is a free, confidential and independent service to assist Ex-Armed Forces personnel who find themselves in the criminal justice system. The programme forms part of the liaison and diversion initiative which provides support from Police Custody suites and the Courts.

Project Nova aims to provide an early intervention model which will look at all health and social issues that may be impacting on both your ability to settle in Civvy Street and your offending behaviour.

Project Nova offers support for all Ex-Armed forces service personnel:

  • Army
  • Royal Navy
  • Royal Air Force
  • Reservists

Project Nova is independent of the Police force and all parties within the Criminal Justice System, however we work with them to ensure that you get the best possible service from all parties

How it Works

You would have been asked by the Custody Sgt at the booking in to police custody stage “Have you ever served in HM Armed Forces?” you may even have been spoken to by one of the Custody Support Team, other Police Officers or by the NHS CJL&D team.

Sometimes we may be able to meet with you in the Custody Centre but generally we will meet with you at your home or a place you feel most comfortable. (Please ensure that you give the custody staff a contact telephone number for us to call you on.)

When we meet up we will ask you a few questions around your life prior to joining the military, doing military service and since discharge.

One we have completed a Needs assessment we will know the best path to help you address any issues that have caused you problems in your transition to ‘Civvy Street’. We work with a host of military and civilian charities to offer you a bespoke package of support designed for you.

If you have been charged with an offence we will work with the defence solicitors and with the court to ensure that they are aware of your military service and how we at Project Nova will be working with you.

Will provide details to the court on your health and social well-being and also outline any mitigating factors regarding the offence.

Areas of Support

  • Legal representation in partnership with defence solicitors
  • Housing Employment & Funding for training through WWTW First Steps.
  • Benefits and Welfare Advice through partners.
  • MOD – discharge, pensions, Compensation etc. through Veterans Welfare Service.
  • Mental Health via WWTW Head Start, the NHS & other partners.
  • Substance Misuse, Alcohol dependency.
  • Family matters including Domestic Violence and Anger Management.

You can expect to be supported by a range of high quality partners. We will maintain regular contact with you and those agencies that we refer you to, to ensure that the speediest and most effective solution is put in place to support you.

Seek HELP today, ask to be referred and please leave a contact telephone number.

Case Study

“John” 36 was arrested and charged with possession of controlled drugs with intent to supply.

This was not his first offence, since leaving the military on compassionate grounds he has not made a successful transition to Civvy Street.

At the time of arrest this veteran was living rough on wasteland and feeding himself from refuse bins at the back of a supermarket.

Project Nova carried out a needs assessment and accommodation was sought in a B&B temporarily. The veteran was a heroin user. A local supported housing project was approached and a room was secured.

The veteran has now moved on from the unit into his own accommodation. Project Nova has worked with the veteran sourcing new clothes, furniture, white goods, a laptop, fishing equipment and assistance was given to the veteran to set up a fishing group to assist other addicts in recovery.

The court asked for a record of Project Nova’s interventions and this was included in the pre-sentence report.

Due to veteran’s efforts and the intervention of Project Nova, the judge commented, “due to your efforts and Project Nova, you have avoided a custodial sentence.”

Contact Details

Steve Lowe (North of England Manager South Yorkshire & Humberside)
Telephone: 07973 581542

Steve Brooks
Telephone: 07976 764176

Elaine Mason (Regional Co-Ordinator)
Telephone: 07976 530984